How to choose the right wet towel for your skin

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Wednesday, 10/11/2021
Wet wipes are known as familiar and useful items for dynamic and stylish young people. However, not many people know how to choose the right wet towel for their skin.

Versatile use of wet wipes

Every time I go out, in addition to my favorite lipstick, sunscreen tube or bodymist bottle; The multi-purpose wet wipes package is also an item that is hard to miss in a bag. Although small, wet wipes have saved both men and women many times, helping to make a neat and clean appearance without spending much time or effort.
Wet wipes have the ability to clean, remove the layer of dirt, sweat clinging to the surface of the skin. Thanks to that, in emergency situations such as driving to the office or dating place, you can quickly regain your confidence and radiance thanks to this item.

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Wet wipes have the ability to clean quickly

In addition, a wet towel with mint essence also helps to clean the oily shine on the skin. Some types of wet wipes have special antibacterial properties with ingredients such as nano silver, which also work to clean surfaces in contact with the skin, preventing bacteria from residing on the skin.
Wet wipes can also temporarily clean makeup when needed, especially on long trips where it is not convenient to use the full makeup remover step. Not to mention, high-end wet wipes with cooling feature are also used to relieve body heat after experiencing outdoor activities, with intense intensity.

Criteria for choosing wet wipes for skin

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Safe to use for outdoor activities

To choose the right product that is friendly and safe for the skin, you need to pay attention to the cleaning and antibacterial ability of wet wipes. Specialized wet wipes for skin care are often used to remove sweat, oil, and dirt from the outer surface of the epidermis. When choosing a product, you need to check the cleaning ability to both cause no irritation and keep the skin clean after use. Some types of wet wipes contain alcohol to help increase antibacterial ability, but when used on the skin, especially the face, it can cause irritation and dryness.
Fabric material is also a factor to consider. You should choose a wet towel with a soft material so as not to damage the skin structure. In addition, you need to carefully read the ingredients used. Each wet wipe with a different purpose is added with advanced technologies such as mint, aloe, nano silver or suitable scent. The ingredients must be thoroughly researched and developed to deliver the desired effect while being safe and gentle on the skin.
Last but not least is the packaging size. You should choose the right packaging size for your needs. Skin care wet wipes, small, pocket-sized, suitable for daily use are often preferred.