Wet wipes are good for cleaning babies, but not for disinfecting

Wednesday, 10/11/2021
So let's find out what this kind of wet wipes trusted by mothers for their children contains, how it works, and what to pay attention to when using it!

What ingredients are in wet wipes?

Baby wipes are primarily designed to clean up your baby's poop without damaging the skin or making it red and sore.
To this end, baby wipes are made from cloth or paper, soaked in an aqueous solution that contains emollients and humectants such as aloe vera and may contain preservatives. But no disinfectant, according to Insider.
Example: Try comparing baby wipes with antibacterial wipes. Sodium hypochlorite is found in antibacterial wipes, which is a bacteria-killing ingredient found in many bleach-based cleaning products. There's also an anti-bacterial ingredient called alkyl that's common in household disinfectants.

Why can't baby wipes kill bacteria?

Children's skin is very sensitive and shouldn't come in contact with chemicals, says Ilan Shapiro, pediatrician and medical doctor, education and healthcare director for AltaMed Health Services in California (USA), according to Insider. .
Therefore, it is not recommended to use household wet wipes on babies as it is not designed to be used on baby's young skin.
And also don't use baby wipes to clean kitchen counters or faucets because it doesn't contain bacteria-killing substances.

How to keep yourself and your baby clean?

According to Dr. Shapiro, the most important thing is to wash your hands.
So when changing your baby's diaper, follow these steps to make sure they're both clean:
• Clean
Clean the baby's bottom. There's no need to use wet wipes if your baby is just peeing. Throw away both diapers and wet wipes after use.
• Handwashing
If you're not wearing gloves, be sure to wash your hands carefully with soap and water after changing diapers. Remember the 20-second rule to make sure your hands are really clean, according to Insider.
• Wash your baby's hands
Some babies like to put their hands under the diaper while changing diapers. Wash your baby's hands after changing diapers. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using soap and warm water between 15 and 48 degrees Celsius.
• Final point
You can use wet wipes to clean your baby, but it does not kill bacteria, the best way to kill bacteria is to use soap and water, according to Insider.

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Careful with wipes for baby

After wiping with a wet cloth, a layer of soap remained on the baby's skin, making it no longer absorbable, Professor Cook-Mills told CBS New York. When babies are born, they cannot eat allergenic foods, but allergens can come into contact with the baby's skin and cause an allergic reaction.
Scientists advise parents to limit the use of wet tissues to wipe babies. They should wash with clean water like many years ago their parents washed them. They should also wash their hands after using wet tissues to help reduce the risk of allergies in young children.
Last but not least is the packaging size. You should choose the right packaging size for your needs. Skin care wet wipes, small, pocket-sized, suitable for daily use are often preferred.