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Remover Makeup Wipes
Makeup Remover Wipes




Brand Ecowipes
Scent Unscent
Substrates Cotton
Packaging Soft Flowpack
Language English

About this product

  • Size wipes: 200 x 200mm
  • 25 Wipes / Packs - 90 Packs / Carton
  • 100% cotton non-woven fabric
  • Alcohol & Paraben free
  • 99.9% purifield water
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup with a swipe
Makeup remover facial cleansing towelettes work to dissolve all traces of dirt, removes bacteria, impurities, oil and makeup on skin while also removing pollution, sweat and sunscreen, for superior cleansing and makeup removing power at your fingertips.
  • Peel back resealable label.
  • Pull out each wipes as needed.
  • Reseal the label after use to prevent infection & moisture loss.

  • CAUTION: For external use only, keep away from fire or flame, do not use in the eyes, keep away from children
  • 100% Cotton non-woven fabric
  • Purified water, Ethyl Alcohol, Antibacterial agent, Surface cleaner, Moisturizing Lotion, Vitamin
  • Natural Fragrance

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